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Why Excel is Different


Excel Chiropractic is an office that focuses on Structural Correction of the spine.


Traditional Chiropractic

The majority of chiropractors focus on goals such as reducing pain and increasing range of motion.  These are good goals however they may be temporary at best.  It also falls under the category of symptom management.


Structural Chiropractic

Imagine that your spine is a house's foundation and your ceilings have been cracking and leaking for a few months.  Would you rather continue to patch the leak up and wait for the water to come through and cause more destruction- or look at your body's foundation to see if the underlying problem lies there?

Instead of achieving true correction of the problem -approaching problems this way never leads to TRUE correction and uses chiropractic as a natural and sometimes expensive aspirin.   You would have to repair the problem again, and again.



What You Choose Is Up to You

The approach at Excel Chiropractic is unique by using Structural Correction- we are looking for the actual underling cause of a person's condition by checking for problems within the structure of the spine- your Foundation.  This is different than patching problems up repetitively or as symptoms arise. 

We understand that this type of chiropractic is not for everyone, but for people who are no longer wanting to constantly patch up problems and symptoms and would rather look for a true solution to their problems, this may be the right office for you and your family. 

Once correction is achieved it is of supreme importance to teach you how to keep it that way, so you may continue to feel and see the benefits of chiropractic care for your health.   We will do this through recommendations made just for you, so that you are confident the problems will not return. 






Your first visit to Excel does not have to be a high pressure examination by any means!  We encourage you to schedule a consultation where

Dr. Morin can learn about you, and you can learn about Excel to see if it is the right office for you or not. 


After the Consultation..

Following Consultation, a Structural Examination block will be held for you so you may decide if you want to move forward with the opportunity. 

The Structural Examination will be performed by Dr. Morin and includes:

  • Structural Digital Spinal Radiographs 
  • Neurological Testing (2 )


*Comfortable workout clothing, gym shorts, sports bras (for women) are highly encouraged for the examination. 

Please give yourself one hour if you are coming in for your consultation.


** Digital Structural spinal radiographs are not warranted for pregnant women and or very young children unless it is suspected that a curvature is present in the spine (children.)



Following review of the Structural Examination, if structural shifts are determined- a follow up Recommendation Conference will be scheduled to go over findings, care recommendations will be presented to you based on your unique presentation, and you will receive your first Structural Chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Morin







What Is A Structural Shift?

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