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being grateful
February 17, 2015

It's tuesday in Jupiter, Florida.  Today is is 80 something degrees and yesterday was in the 60s.  What weather we are having!  Why am I talking about the weather?    Many people get sick or run down when the weather changes drastically.  They simply cannot keep up with it.  Let me assure you, the weather is not the cause of this.

  Do you ever notice that some people are just sick ALL the time and you are not? Or in school you had classmates who were constantly missing school but others were there and some even had perfect attendance ( a prize I was always jealous of!!)  Well, I remember being young and missing school  A LOT.  Yes, some days I was faking it, it is what kids do, right?  Many times though, I was in such severe allergy reactions or sinus infections, asthma that the thought of being in school was exhausting. 

I am not saying my quality of life was affected but I missed a LOT of school.  When I was older and got to college, my health problems came to a head and I was scared about my health and life.  I was in pain.  SEVERE pain, in my head and neck. All the time, the medical doctors gave me more anti biotics and told me I had sinus infections that were chronic and needed sinus surgery. 

Thank goodness right around that time I sat next to a stranger at our college career fair who happened to be a local chiropractor and well the rest, (and ALL of my health ailments) is history.  Toast.  Gone.  Healed.  Did he heal me? Absolutely not.  Do doctors heal?  Some may say yes, but the answer is actually NO.  You heal YOU. 

Your body's intelligence is ON 24/7 pumping blood, filtering, synthesizing hormones, and keeping you, YOU.  Life causes this ability to get less and less than 100% perfect, which leads to discomfort and disease, so it takes a good chiropractor to check your power supply for 100% function at regular intervals.  I thank god every day I found chiropractic.  I would not be the person I am today without it and I am so very grateful to have regained my health.  This is what I hope for you and your loved ones!  Until the entire country is under regular chiropractic, I have a LOT of work to do.


Until next time..



Have an amazing week!

Dr. Liz

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