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flu "season"
February 05, 2015

people are dropping.. left and right, the flu is here, oh boy! Everybody run out and get your tissues, meds, and shots, because without them we are weak and powerless.


NOT TRUE.  At all.   Be encouraged :) 


Remember,  which comes first..  Do the rats at the dump bring the smelly gross garbage?  OR... Does the stinky dump bring the rats?

What do you think?


 BJ Palmer (the developer of chiropractic) was known for quoting, " If the germ theory were true, nobody would be around today to talk about it."


I find this hilariously TRUE And easy to understand!  Do you? if not, do not feel bad.  You are just not trusting your body enough.. It will come. 


See, even back in the 1800's we chiropractors cared a lot about your OVERALL health,  remember, we WANT you to be coming in WITH your families on a regular basis SMILING and happy that you are preventing problems and avoiding sickess with a clear spine and nerve system... 

Sick people don't jazz us, we are not profiting on sick people like the medical industry.  The good chiropractors with the RIGHT intentions want to help you GET well, and then help you STAY well and yes you should receive regular check-ups for as LONG as you want to be healthy.   Make sense? 

I lost 10 pounds in 2013 but as soon as that happened I immediately stopped exercising and eating right, because I had achieved my goal.. ummm, nope!  Actually I kept the habits I used to achieve weight loss, they are now a part of my life-style..


  You see, we hope that you will understand your body IS strong and IS able to fight off illness and bad stuff (think;germs)  on its own without the need for chemicals every five minutes.. In time, and the stronger you get- that fact will become apparent to you and you will enjoy the benefits of regular care as well as gloriously healthy children.



Until then,


take care of yourself, and remember every system of our body, including our REALLY important immune system is under direct control of our nerve system.   Keeping it clear of interference is THE way to stay on top of your game.  



Have a great week!




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