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December 27, 2014

Hi everybody.    Many people google chiropractic or visit chiropractors as last resorts to their problems.  This makes me very sad, but as a profession it is our own fault.   I do my absolute best to teach the public about what chiropractic is really about.  It is about health. It is about regaining lost health, or taking your health and performance to the next level as you can see with the thousands of professional athletes who utilize chiropractic care.

In any given day, I may check a one month old infant, a 90  year old man, or a professional business woman for the Primary condition that I look for and correct.  These people may be in the office as new patients or regular patients who are maintaining the health and positive changes they have achieved with Structural chiropractic care. 

Once a person has had correction and the changes are at the point where we know they cannot go any further, or reached maximum potential for that person's age and or condition, it is HIGHLY recommended that each person and family make regular chiropractic check-ups a part of their life. We make this VERY easy for you and very affordable for you and the whole family.  The money you save on medical bills and prescriptions alone will make it worth the effort!


I invite you to please come by for a tour, a consultation (complimentary) or to have your examination.  My examination is thorough and includes many tests that only structural chiropractors use so we can determine if you are a candidate and needing structural chiropractic care.


I look forward to helping you and your families achieve the most awesome health, and most awesome life, and to not only live your lives but to EXCEL in it.


Dr. Liz



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