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Breastfeeding..Bottle Feeding..My child will not eat!
March 01, 2017


Breastfeeding..  Bottle-feeding.


They are both GREAT and necessary for your newborn.   What is a mother to do however when her child seems to NOT want to eat, or when they eat they vomit?

 Luckily there are solutions.


The human body depends on a computer system, much like our businesses and homes rely on electricity and technology to keep things humming along.  The human body’s computer is the Nerve System (brain, spinal cord and nerves.)  Each tiny nerve has a job controlling an organ, cell or tissue. They also allow us to feel pain to avoid injury and harm.


Our nerve system is our MASTER control system, over all other bodily systems including your digestive system and muscular system.  When a child is born, via vaginal birth or cesarean-this process is VERY traumatic for baby. Think… what was once a warm, safe place (the womb) is now suddenly bright lights, potentially loud noises, maybe medications in Mom, hands pulling on the child’s neck or shoulders or legs, and even interventions such as Episiotomy, forceps, or more..


That is enough to make me shudder.

I too would prefer to stay in a warm safe place.

What does this mean for your child?


How do we know if our child has a Structural Shift and What do we do?

 We have our children checked by a family chiropractor so that this shift (also known as subluxation) can be corrected quickly.

If left uncorrected- subluxations lead to nerve system distress which causes symptoms.

The symptoms include but are not limited to:

  1. Colic/excessive crying
  2. Vomiting or excessive spit up
  3. Sleeping issues
  4. Latching issues
  5. Tilting or rotating head to one side
  6. Little or no digestion/bowel movements
  7. Irritability
  8. And more..

If you would like to ensure your child is set up of for a healthy, natural life—YOUR family is a great fit for Excel Chiropractic’s tribe of families.


Take care and see you soon!

For an entire collection of Research supporting Pediatric Chiropractic, please follow this link.


You can also use this website to find a family/pediatric Chiropractor near you!


Happy March

Dr. Liz

Excel Chiropractic

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Breastfeeding..Bottle Feeding..My child will not eat!

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