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ROCK bottom
June 17, 2016


These two words can conjure up many images in the mind of a person, ugly or possibly just the ocean floor if you are more of an optimist (or a diver.:))  


Today’s post is something that came to me during a conversation with a dear friend. Something this person said to me in passing made ME uneasy and realize that we as chiropractors and health care professionals have a LOT Of work to do in terms of educating our patients or clients

The conversation went something like “…….This prescription I have been given, you are only allowed  6 pills a month for your migraine headaches, so I would think, “Ok I can have 5 headaches this month..”   My Heart dropped when I heard this, a person feeling like without this medication they would suffer, or not function normally if the medication ran out. What kind of existence is that? I wish I could say I can’t relate- I can relate to that feeling of dependence but not to that degree.  I knew the precise combination of things I would have to do if I got a migraine in college, but I was too proud and stubborn to go on the migraine meds offered to me, instead I’d lock myself in my dorm room for hours on end.  More on that later.


I felt SAD for this person that she felt she had to plan out her killer migraines-  GET a migraine today because it’s just a weekend and she didn’t need to focus at work, so she could save a pill for the next week and be able to get out the door?  She had been helped by my profession immensely but depending on life’s stress and other contributing factors, she may experience between 0-3 headaches a month (better than 10-30)! Still, someone telling me this and rattling it off as if it were normal, or ACCEPTABLE to be made to believe she NEEDED this medication, and only to receive SIX of them per month- well it made my heart sad. 


Drugs have a great effect on emergency situations and crises but for chronic conditions they do no more than extend and quiet your body’s ability to actually heal.  We can all agree that a medicine cabinet that is empty represents health more than one that is busting at the seams..


For me- it reminded me of my rock bottom.


In college I was sick a lot.  My migraine headaches caused me to miss class, be cranky and sometimes self medicate.  I was already a stubborn person who did not trust the medical system very much and did not want to fall into any pattern of dependency. It would have been WAY too easy.  After a visit to the emergency room, a lot of testing and a lot of meds I was told I needed sinus surgery to widen my sinuses which would help me to avoid more sinus infections, and awful headaches.  I didn’t listen to a word of that. 


When I woke up from a great night’s sleep the next day I went off on a quest via the internet to increase my immune system, heal myself and do anything I could to avoid more of these painful episodes.  Right around this same time, I met a local chiropractor randomly and the rest is total history.  Being in the hospital bed scared and in pain was my rock bottom.  I was tired of not being my most excellent self.  It has been a journey and I am still on it, and I highly recommend that you look outside the box too -for your own health.


Rock bottom can look worse than a hospital room- it can be admitting yourself into a drug rehab facility. For the third time.  It can be receiving a D.U.I  or having a car accident due to your own behavior, as many people I care for have experienced.  No judgment here.  I am your biggest cheerleader- as long as you know you are in control of your experience.  No more victims. Victimhood will get you NOWHERE and it is a burden on your friends, family and coworkers. 


It took me a chronic illness and a hospital visit to get me to my ‘rock bottom’ of sorts, and some people have even more dramatic stories. Why wait for this type of situation. There is something out there that can help you to achieve abundant, natural health, great energy, a boost in your mood, all WITHOUT dangerous side effects.  Every man, woman and child deserves to be their best self, and you need to make sure your computer is running smoothly to achieve that.  This computer is your nerve system, and your computer tech is your Structural Chiropractor.  I am here to help!



Have a great weekend.


 I hope to see you in EXCEL 101 class if you are curious about learning more.  Thursdays at 6:15 pm.


Be EXCELlent!





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