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exciting things at EXCEL
April 25, 2016

Hey!  It has been a long time.


  There have been a few changes at the office and they are quite exciting.  Beginning the week of May 1, I will be expanding my hours.


So- as of May 1, I will be in for a full day on Mondays.   Appointments will start at 8:45 am to 12:00 pm.   Then 2:00 pm -5:45pm.


Tuesday will remain a half day, 8:45 pm to 12:00 pm.

Thursday will be a full day, similar to Monday.  We will begin at 8:45 am and go till 11:15 am, then pick up again at 2:00-5:45pm.


and REALLY exciting for my busy folks-  NEW



This will be first come, first serve.  No appointments needed *(existing patients)  but I do encourage you to make one right here on the website.  *(hit the Blue button) 


Sign in sheet will be out in waiting area and whoever's name is first gets checked first. Easy as that.


I will be in on Saturday Mornings from 9-11 am.


Come get your family's spines  checked in a relaxing, fun  laid back weekend atmosphere. 

Sorry, Sundays I must be out on my boat getting "groceries" for the week.. You understand.






On Thursdays, each and every week unless otherwise noted we will hold our EXCEL 101 class which is an introductory class for ANYBODY in the community who is curious about chiropractic, health, living BETTER (excellently,even) or curious as to how Excel Chiropractic is different from other chiropractors in your area- AND how we may be able to help you.  This will be a 20 minute class.  I will hold it if there is one person in my waiting area, or 30.  Expect to get to know my unique personality and learn a LOT!




If you have not ever seen a chiropractor, or if you have but did not make it a part of your life -- consider coming to the class.  

You have nothing to lose and SO much to gain!


Have you READ our success stories AKA facebook reviews lately?  They are pouring in and people are getting better, and living with EXCELlence here on a daily basis.


Remember- You were created to thrive, to EXCEL in life. 


NOT to merely exist and float through life unnoticed and missing out on the fun.




Want to read about some other's experiences with EXCEL?   Check out our reviews on Facebook here:


we have a success story from people such as an- infant, toddler, school aged kids, talented local performers, stay at home moms, business owners, local celebrities, and anyone who wants to EXCEL in life.




 Much love and see you soon!


Dr. Liz




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