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January 28, 2016

It's a new year.  Many of us have committed to a new exercise program, dietary fad, or new lifestyle that might better support our health or  possibly just our weight..(shocker!)      I am back!  Yes I am back and so is my sarcasm.  :)

In August of last year, Dan and I became COMMITTED to the notion that we are meant to live in the keys. By August 1st we had moved back.

After trying the mainland for just under a year we knew quickly that our hearts were in the keys and particularly for me, Key West.  I started my own practice  in Palm Beach County and learned a LOT. I met the right people at the right times and grew tremendously as a person and entrepreneur.


Three days before our move back, I slipped in oil during my lunch time jog.  I landed directly on my right hand and side. I stood up with blood pouring down both of my legs but that was not my concern. The palm of my hand blew up into the size of  a baseball within what felt like seconds.  This is what we had learned in school as a FOOSH injury- (fall on outstretched hand) and sadly is the cause of MANY hand (Navicular) fractures.


I feared the worst and sobbed slowly back to the office which was 2 miles away! After cancelling my afternoon  patients, My boyfriend Dan showed up to console me. (A chiropractor's worst FEAR is losing the ability to use their hands.)  Chiro = hand, practic=practice.  It means "done by hand." 


After two sets of xrays from seperate physicians we deemed it to be a severe sprain and not a break. Thank G-o-d! I had to stay off of it which has been hard as not being able to adjust a lot of people like I am used to doing and building my practice requires the use of my hands!


We moved back to the keys and settled in to our little spot in Cudjoe on the canal. I have never been this happy and comfortable, and seeing Dan love his home and his new job with All-Rite AC makes me so happy and confident that we made the right move.  The dogs love to sit on the canal and watch everything go by.  It is a good place for me to heal mentally and physically, as the stress was high upon my return. Let's just say it took a 'team" to get me back to where I currently am.


I am happy to announce that I am now taking new patients and anybody who would like to see me. My hand and soul are back to 100% and I am more than ready to take care of the community I love.


 While I was in Palm Beach County I dove right into more pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic studies.  There are no other chiropractors in KW or the lower Keys whose main focus is family and pediatric Chiropractic. I have become a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and developed relationships with local pediatricians, midwives and doulas so we as a team can take EXCELlent care of our pregnant moms and their entire families. 



I welcome you to peruse this website to get an idea of how I practice Chiropractic.  I think you'll enjoy that once you are established you will be in and out for your checkup in 10 minutes or less, and a family check up is about 25 minutes max.  My only focus is to re-establish healthy nervous system communication, through a specific Chiropractic adjustment and that does not take long AT ALL.



Please stay tuned for more announcements in our local papers and media.


I have missed each and every one of you and am so happy to be here.


Dr. Liz


Excel Chiropractic

3201 Flagler Avenue #509

Key West, FL 33040




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