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I sleep on my back..
June 26, 2015

Hey guys!



  Do you know which of the sleeping positions is the most detrimental to our health?


I will tell you if you read this entire post...


How are you sleeping? Are you waking refreshed, or like a zombie who cannot function until your first cup of coffee? Are you hitting snooze, once, twice, three times?


I ask this because how we sleep is a sign of how well our hormone and nerve system are working.  If we have a hard time FALLING asleep then it is likely you are wound up and should try to turn off the laptop, kindle, tv or phone much earlier.  Reading before bed is great to relax, but try to avoid any blue screens, they DO mess with our "sleepy time" hormones.


Are you having trouble STAYING asleep?  This problem may be more hormone related, specifically your stress hormones. Believe me , I am a pro at this one- The stress of Chiropractic school and all of the testing and lost sleep, studying, and caffeine abuse really did a number on my adrenal glands, *(above the kidneys, small glands that help with stress response, etc)  and mine were SHOT. 

Look into natural remedies - if this sounds like you, They CAN be healed, but it takes time and to become less toxic.  Women who are having trouble with their periods, their skin on their face, or fertility may be experiencing problems with their hormonal system so a chiropractic check up to check the nerve system and to see if you are stressing your Adrenals is important- doing some research online should help you much.


Making sure your spine is in proper alignment and there is not pressure being exerted on your nerve system (since it controls EVERY other system including your Endocrine (hormone ) system- is a GREAT and smart idea.


If you cannot fall asleep or stay asleep, chances are you are stressed out.

What is your nightly routine looking like? Do you have one? 

When is the last time you did something  just for YOU? a Massage, getting your nails done, go for a walk, play an instrument, read, have a cup of tea, call a friend, just UNPLUG from technology and work. Perhaps step outside and look at the stars with your kids or your significant other.


I bet you'll be better in no time, but don't forget, your  nerve system is the most important system of ALL and if its not functioning properly, your other body systems suffer and sometimes we often do not know this until we get sick.  Seek out a structural Chiropractor who will take a LOOK at your spine's structure and put together a plan to correct any structural distortions between your brain and YOUR body. It will change your life!


OK the answer, and you may have guessed already or just knew-  WORST sleeping position is on the tummy. Why?  Unless you are laying flat on your face, (or do not have a nose..? that would look WEIRD!)  then you are laying all night with your head turned, NOT good, You are literally laying in a subluxation/Structural shift..

The problem that Structural Chiropractors correct, so GET OFF your stomach, or you will continue to create ill health and discomfort. 


A tip-  sleep on your back and keep a heavy pillow on your belly, it will make your mind think you're on your stomach. It will take some time, but it is helpful and can SAVE Your spine.  Second worst position is on the side, so place a pillow between your knees and also hug a pillow OR a person so that you do not sleep with your shoulders in Extrernal rotation all night, same for the hips. Essentially you want to mimic proper alignment and its hard to do unless you are hugging something with both knees and arms.


Sleeping on your back is best, with a pillow that supports the curve of your neck, but LESS is more, you do not want your head protruding forward as this is a position of stress on the nerves, muscles, and the entire neck, creating a decrease in the extremely important ARC of life of your neck.



Take care!


Dr Liz

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