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Can you just CRACK my back?
May 26, 2015

Hi everybody!  It's been a few weeks and I apologize for the absence.


Many many people respond to my telling them that I am Structural Chiropractor by asking, "can you crack my back?"  OR, " I have had my back and neck cracked before.."  OR,  and one of my favorites, " I crack my own back."  P.S-  this type of statement should make a chiropractor cringe, so don't be alarmed if you see my face change when you tell me this.  Please read on to learn why. We can still be friends, I promise.


Let's leave the crack where it belongs, in the kitchen cracking our eggs, or in the rice krispies commercials.  What you crack, you cannot necessarily put together.  A spine gets adjusted by a chiropractor, and an adjustment means to "set something right."  We do not want to crack anybody's back,  or their children's- rather do a thorough Neurostructural examination to determine the presence of any  Structural Shifts that may be interfering with their health, Then and only then would a person NEED chiropractic adjustments.


NOISE/cracks/snaps.... pops?


Sometimes noise releases from the spine when an adjustment is performed. The noise that releases from a fixated joint upon adjustment is neither necessary or "better" than other adjustments.  Many techniques make no noise at all, and children rarely release pressure from the joints that make up the spine because well, there is much less pressure there, simply put.


When a person's spine (maybe yours) pops and cracks often, without your helping it to do that-it is a  sign that there is a bigger problem.  Why?  If some parts of your spine are moving and popping abnormally (NOT a precisely delivered specific structural chiropractic adjustment) it means that there are some parts of your spine that are NOT moving properly, and are Shifted out of place (subluxated) causing the very mobile joints to move and pop often making up for their stuck or subluxated neighbors elsewhere in the spine.  (pardon my elementary explanation of this, but I am hoping you can visualize this as I describe.)

Even more importantly and VITAL to your health, though --that same spinal level ALSO goes to a Cell, organ or tissue in your body (perhaps your LIVER, your Reproductive organs or your colon..)  I am MUCH  more worried about the subluxations of vertebra whose innervation is to your vital organs and your ability to function and LIVE life normally.

Therefore, cracking your own back, etc. is just a temporary relief of pressure, not a way of enhancing health or truly correcting a problem in the spine. I do not recommend it, continue reading to learn why. ( I am sorry but you want the truth, right!?)


It may feel good for a few minutes after you do this,  but it is not a correction any more than taking Aleve is only alleviating symptoms. It is not a fix nor it is good for you.  I say this because I feel strongly that a joint in the body that moves TOO Much (from your self-manipulation) is just as detrimental to stability and overall balance/health as a joint that does not move enough.  Leave it to the professional to determine where, when, why and how you should be taken care of!


Commonly reported improvements with Structural Chiropractic are:

  • less pain
  • less headaches/no headaches
  • clearer mind
  • better sleep
  • better immune system
  • better digestion
  • less illness
  • injury prevention
  • improved endurance and energy
  • reduced allergies
  • alleviation of menstrual cramps and heavy periods
  • reproductive improvements
  • increased fertility
  • reduction of colic and feeding issues in babies
  • better digestion and immunity in children
  • less allergies, asthma
  • less ear infections or resolution of chronic ear infections in kids
  • reduction or resolution of bedwetting
  • better attitude

**(these improvements are the result of correcting Structural Shifts in the spine. These shifts cause a distortion in the nerve system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) ability to communicate from brain to organ or organ to brain, resulting in reduced health and secondary conditions.  Doctors of Chiropractic are not treating any disease or condition, rather correcting the structure of the spine so that the nerve system can communicate as it is meant to , without interference. *



I look forward to sitting down with you and your family and learning about your health concerns or goals. I welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how Structural chiropractic may be the answer you have been seeking, and to get to know Excel Chiropractic. 

A Neurostructural Examination block will be held for you afterward if you choose to do so.


Until next time,


Dr. Liz

Excel Chiropractic


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