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April 23, 2015

Splenda in my Coffee


Last week when I introduced myself at my weekly network meeting I asked everybody how many of them had put the no calorie sweetener in their coffee.  An alarming amount of people rose their hands.  Even more alarming is that they felt they had done the right thing.   Let' s just get back to basics here and say that using a chemical to REPLACE sugar is even worse than sugar. 


Aspartame IS a cause of a lot of health problems and I choose not to ingest it because I have seen just how Neurotoxic and nasty this stuff is.


sources:  myself, (video sweet deception, numerous articles, and numerous other articles out there, JUST LOOK! :)


On a happier note,  the one packet of sugar in your coffee is NOT going to be what sets off your new diet, I PROMISE !

if you must have the sugar, use it!  then learn how to ween off of it and just enjoy your coffee black, or maybe with some BUTTER.


Yes, Butter.  Real, Grassfed, no chemicals added PURE butter.  I began putting a tbsp. of butter in my coffee each morning and blending it up about a year ago.. Why? I read it somewhere.  This really athletic and health conscious guy recommended it. Maybe the 4 Hour Body author, but I am not 100% sure as I have read over 20 books in the last year, hope to be more. 


End result?



coffee that looks JUST like a frothy starbucks latte, because butter is pretty much cream anyway!  Add a drop of two of maple syrup or (non chemical) sweetener of choice and you get a yummy tasty coffee for a FRACTION of the cost!


Do you see a trend of NO chemicals here?   Yes, they are not meant to be eaten.


What does this funky coffee do for you?  It can actually replace your breakfast if you use enough butter, and it gives good steady energy for a while from the GOOD fat.  Not all fat is awful, its NECESSARY!   **(brain and spinal cord and nerve system is bathed in FAT and we need it to create hormones and chemical messengers to tell our bodies WHAT to do! Too little fat causes disease! )


We can talk about that another time.


I am looking forward to hearing if you tried this and enjoyed it.  Seems weird, I bet, but its been a hot topic lately, and I sure do like my Home-made coffee treats.  If only I can make it taste exactly like a Con Leche, then we'd be talking!



Be EXCELlent!


Dr. Liz

Excel Chiropractic

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