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but I was told NOT to go to a chiropractor...
March 31, 2015


Hi guys-

Anyhow,  a lot of folks do not consider visiting a chiropractor for some unsavory ( and unTRUE ) reasons and I would like to give some clarification today.


My first question to you is... do YOU like when someone steals $$ from you?


NO, really, do you?


MOST of you probably said no.

I know I don't! 

I am going to refer back to a time when medicine AND chiropractic were young, and a lot of people were passing away due to the Flu Pandemic of 1918..   I am going to give you some information you may not have ever heard, and if you have, that is awesome!   In the end it might just make sense as to why your medical doctor, or your friends, or your cousin's sister's ex-husbands football buddies said "NO! Do not go to a chiropractor...

1.. "they will make you worse

2. they will make you come back

3. You will die

4. You will get ripped off

5. _____________ INSERT another ridiculous made up statement here.." really, any one will do. 

( you can tell by now that I have a sense of humor, correct? ) 


Here is where things got a bit unfair for chiropractic, atleast in my opinion and historical understanding.


During the Flu pandemic of 1918 people were dying by the MILLIONS due to the flu and its complications. this was a REAL pandemic.

Copy and paste the link below into your browser to watch a 5 minute video regarding the FLU pandemic and chiropractic. I must warn you the video is VERY exciting and may make you fall out of your chair, this doctor is highly sought and I am thankful for the contributions he has made in my profession. (was my presentation a little more spicy this morning guys? I am not sure. Dr. Murphy is amazing and explains the science behind the strengthening of the immune system VERY well.!


Where was I going with this.. OH yes!  Do we like when people steal our money? NOPE! 


As you can imagine the folks who received chiropractic as opposed to the people who were receiving medical treatment were dying at a lesser rate, or NOT at all and this infuriated the  medical profession.  Soon after a campaign to eliminate and destroy the chiropractic profession and for 30+ years the American Medical Association taught their young, bright eyed future MD's to NEVER refer a patient to a chiropractor and to tell the public and patients that chiropractors were dangerous and ineffective.  They actually tried to contain and eliminate the ENTIRE chiropractic profession.  Yes, it sounds CRAZY but it is 100% real, the forefathers of my profession FOUGHT hard for my profession, many were jailed for simply practicing chiropractic ( and yes getting people well!!! )  I am so very grateful they fought.



Quite the opposite!  I am fairly certain the parents of the screaming colicy baby who can now feed and sleep through the night are pretty HAPPY that they did not listen to their pediatrician when they were told NOT to come in for an exam.. Yes, this slander still happens.  Many medical professionals tell patients to avoid chiropractic because it is what they are taught, some are being ignorant, but many many docs these days are starting to really GET what it is we do, and they are helping our planet. Do you agree? I certainly would not tell someone NOT to see their MD, thats just ludicrous! In my opinion medicine is medicine and chiropractic is chiropractic and they are 100% different, in every possible way.  They are both necessary as well.




When it comes to doing your own research, PLEASE DO!! REMAIN cautious, however as much of the scientific literature you find is often biased or EVEN owned by the pharmaceutical industry, the CDC and or the  AMA and their professions only make money when people are... SICK.  is this starting to make sense?



In the  meantime, 

be well.


IN fact, be EXCELlent!


Dr.  Liz

Excel Chiropractic



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