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HOW did I " put my neck out?"
March 26, 2015

Hey guys.


 A couple of people this week had asked on a couple occasions HOW they became subluxated.. out of alignment " (out of whack!)" 


Well there are so many ways...  The forefathers of chiropractic knew that STRESS of all kinds causes our bodies to not be able to ADAPT to life- and causes subluxation (structural shifts) in the spine, that affect our health.


1. Physical Stress - both acute (car accidents, falling down, slips, etc) AND Chronic stress- ( sleeping positions, work positions, our careers, our posture) (adjusting people is an awkward posture, so thank goodness I have my spine checked regularly. - for example)


2. Chemical Stress-   drinking four martinis in one sitting while inhaling a whole cheese pizza, kind of stress, but ALSO flouride in our water system, chemicals from daily products on our skin, make up, etc, Prescription drugs, vaccinations, Pollution, ALL add up and pollute our bodies to a point where we cannot adapt..


3.  Emotional Stress-   Paying your mortgage late while your kids are screaming and you realize you left the lights on at your office kind of stress, AKA daily life for some of us!   Can you imagine, it is said our grandparents didn't deal with as much STRESS in a YEAR as we do in a DAY! 


do you believe that?


Anyway,  I want to help educate you whether you're a patient or NOT, so listen up! Life is BETTER without SUBLUXATIONS/Structural Shifts than it is WITH them..

 Why?  We cannot adapt to life/stress/everything when we are not having proper nerve system communication- which can be CUT off by SS/ subluxations!  So- having a chiropractor check your spine (and your children's!) for these problems can lead to a more relaxed, more efficient, more healthy, more productive YOU and a better life.  Not to mention less (if any) hospital stays, less (if any) need for medications, and less dependence!


Trust me, I am not just the Doctor, I am a patient!  I will continue to have my spine checked once a week for as long as I can because my life is better with chiropractic!


Here to serve you and help YOU too, to be EXCELLENT


Dr. Liz

Excel Chiropractic

Jupiter, FL

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