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falling asleep in a car
March 10, 2015

Hi guys.   I wanted to share with you how damaging it is to fall asleep in the car with out a proper pillow!  While traveling home from Daytona Beach (bike week) I took a nap in the truck. I did not have my head rest or pillow, and woke up with a very stiff neck.  Luckily I have been under chiropractic for many years and bounced back, BUT many many people (too many)  are not under chiropractic and this type of stress may be the VERY thing that sets off a cascade of painful symptoms that cause us to finally PAY attention.. am I losing you here?  the sneeze, step off the curb, or sleeping " wrong" is usually NOT the cause of the structural shift ( problem within the spine) that we look for, rather a cumulation of events, injuries, stresses all causing your body to be un-able to ADAPT correctly to the stresses, leading to symptoms.  

If the spine shifts out of proper alignment placing pressure on your ALL Important nerve system, secondary conditions such as pain, headache and weak immunity can occur! Absolutely, I mean we are talking about MIS communication between your computer and all of its peripherals (your organs and your BODY)


Having the spine checked, early in life is important.. It can be the difference between sickness and health.

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