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insurance and investments
March 03, 2015

Many people go to Starbucks a few times a week and think nothing of spending 5$ or MORE dollars on a drink that is not going to change their life.  Heck, it is not even going to help them get nutrients or become healthier.

Many people shop in Downtown West Palm or Jupiter dropping 100$s of dollars on clothing they do not need.  


What every single person NEEDS to perform and function at 100% human capacity, IS a clear nerve system, whether we KNOW it or not.



I was walking around with nerve interference half of my life, causing me to stay sick, be unable to get well and unfortuntely leading to more health problems, I thank my lucky stars EVERY day that I found chiropractic to help me live with a clear nerve system and continually have it checked.


Is is an investment?  Yes, having chiropractic care as part of your life will cost money, and it's money  WELL spent.  I am talking the healther YOU get the more productive and happier you will be so you could be creating wealth as you create health, so to me, it's a NO brainer.  It may bother some that I do not and many other DC's do not accept insurance.  If something was 100% opposite of how you thought, lived your life, and did your job, you may choose to do that also, remember Insurance is based on Medicare and medicare States they do not cover services that are preventative in nature, so regular chiropractic care is OUT the WINDOW. 


when is the last time your insurance paid for your gym membership, your car's oil change, or your vitamins and supplements from Whole Foods even though you KNOW it is helping you become healthy?


Have an awesome week!

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