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Breastfeeding..Bottle Feeding..My child will not eat!
March 01, 2017


Breastfeeding..  Bottle-feeding.


They are both GREAT and necessary for your newborn.   What is a mother to do however when her child seems to NOT want to eat, or when they eat they vomit?

 Luckily there are solutions.


The human body depends on a computer system, much like our businesses and homes rely on electricity and technology to keep things humming along.  The human body’s computer is the Nerve System (brain, spinal cord and nerves.)  Each tiny nerve has a job controlling an organ, cell or tissue. They also allow us to feel pain to avoid injury and harm.


Our nerve system is our MASTER control system, over all other bodily systems including your digestive system and muscular system.  When a child is born, via vaginal birth or cesarean-this process is VERY traumatic for baby. Think… what was once a warm, safe place (the womb) is now suddenly bright lights, potentially loud noises, maybe medications in Mom, hands pulling on the child’s neck or shoulders or legs, and even interventions such as Episiotomy, forceps, or more..


That is enough to make me shudder.

I too would prefer to stay in a warm safe place.

What does this mean for your child?


How do we know if our child has a Structural Shift and What do we do?

 We have our children checked by a family chiropractor so that this shift (also known as subluxation) can be corrected quickly.

If left uncorrected- subluxations lead to nerve system distress which causes symptoms.

The symptoms include but are not limited to:

  1. Colic/excessive crying
  2. Vomiting or excessive spit up
  3. Sleeping issues
  4. Latching issues
  5. Tilting or rotating head to one side
  6. Little or no digestion/bowel movements
  7. Irritability
  8. And more..

If you would like to ensure your child is set up of for a healthy, natural life—YOUR family is a great fit for Excel Chiropractic’s tribe of families.


Take care and see you soon!

For an entire collection of Research supporting Pediatric Chiropractic, please follow this link.


You can also use this website to find a family/pediatric Chiropractor near you!


Happy March

Dr. Liz

Excel Chiropractic

5 Things You Must Never Do With Your Attention Deficit or Autistic Child
October 07, 2016

  1.   Keep your child indoors.   Children with neurological conditions need to be stimulated in the most natural, innate ways possible.  New parks, friends to play with, flowers, sunshine, weather, are all things that can stimulate the child’s brain and enhance cognition, mood, and a sense of WELL being.
  2. Keep your child away from ‘non’ neurological children. This would create a sense of wrong or right in your child that can cause confusion.  Allow your children into play groups of other autistic/neurological children and on other days have play with all children.  Create sense of community for your children and the other parents if you are able.
  3. AVOID sugar- by choosing artificial instead.. What I mean here is do NOT feed your child artificial sweeteners, flavors, or anything that is not natural.   They are already sensitive and polluting their body with artificial stimulants causes more stress on their delicate system.  **(think MSG, Splenda, sweet n lo, sucralose, phenylketonuronics, ALL artificial additives ARE a threat.  Choose fruits as treats and if you must sweeten something reach for Stevia, monk fruit, natural products.)*
  4. Hush or Stop your child from expressing noise, song, verbiage, art or play.  Your child like any other NEEDS to express himself.  Hushing this can lead to a child who feels muffled, not listened to or not responsive in the future which can lead to lashing out, bad behavior, or even substance abuse in order to self soothe. Play areas, special spectrum toys and “cry rooms’ are becoming more normal even at places like Disney and I very much respect and appreciate this!
  5. Avoid natural remedies and means of healthcare.   Some of the BEST things for a neuro/ autistic child are chiropractic, acupuncture, massage.   The child essentially has a nerve system that is ‘tangled.’  Chiropractic specifically will address any blockages in the child’s spine which cause interference in their brain-body communication.   It helps the child focus better, feel better, and boosts the immune system and brain function.   Massage is a great means to relaxation or reward for a great week, as opposed to sugary or unhealthy foods, and acupuncture is a form of healthcare that can lead to relaxation, balancing of hormones, and better sleep.

Please share this blog if you found it helpful!


Dr. Liz Morin

Pediatric and Prenatal Structural Chiropractor, Key West, Florida

Excel Chiropractic

ROCK bottom
June 17, 2016


These two words can conjure up many images in the mind of a person, ugly or possibly just the ocean floor if you are more of an optimist (or a diver.:))  


Today’s post is something that came to me during a conversation with a dear friend. Something this person said to me in passing made ME uneasy and realize that we as chiropractors and health care professionals have a LOT Of work to do in terms of educating our patients or clients

The conversation went something like “…….This prescription I have been given, you are only allowed  6 pills a month for your migraine headaches, so I would think, “Ok I can have 5 headaches this month..”   My Heart dropped when I heard this, a person feeling like without this medication they would suffer, or not function normally if the medication ran out. What kind of existence is that? I wish I could say I can’t relate- I can relate to that feeling of dependence but not to that degree.  I knew the precise combination of things I would have to do if I got a migraine in college, but I was too proud and stubborn to go on the migraine meds offered to me, instead I’d lock myself in my dorm room for hours on end.  More on that later.


I felt SAD for this person that she felt she had to plan out her killer migraines-  GET a migraine today because it’s just a weekend and she didn’t need to focus at work, so she could save a pill for the next week and be able to get out the door?  She had been helped by my profession immensely but depending on life’s stress and other contributing factors, she may experience between 0-3 headaches a month (better than 10-30)! Still, someone telling me this and rattling it off as if it were normal, or ACCEPTABLE to be made to believe she NEEDED this medication, and only to receive SIX of them per month- well it made my heart sad. 


Drugs have a great effect on emergency situations and crises but for chronic conditions they do no more than extend and quiet your body’s ability to actually heal.  We can all agree that a medicine cabinet that is empty represents health more than one that is busting at the seams..


For me- it reminded me of my rock bottom.


In college I was sick a lot.  My migraine headaches caused me to miss class, be cranky and sometimes self medicate.  I was already a stubborn person who did not trust the medical system very much and did not want to fall into any pattern of dependency. It would have been WAY too easy.  After a visit to the emergency room, a lot of testing and a lot of meds I was told I needed sinus surgery to widen my sinuses which would help me to avoid more sinus infections, and awful headaches.  I didn’t listen to a word of that. 


When I woke up from a great night’s sleep the next day I went off on a quest via the internet to increase my immune system, heal myself and do anything I could to avoid more of these painful episodes.  Right around this same time, I met a local chiropractor randomly and the rest is total history.  Being in the hospital bed scared and in pain was my rock bottom.  I was tired of not being my most excellent self.  It has been a journey and I am still on it, and I highly recommend that you look outside the box too -for your own health.


Rock bottom can look worse than a hospital room- it can be admitting yourself into a drug rehab facility. For the third time.  It can be receiving a D.U.I  or having a car accident due to your own behavior, as many people I care for have experienced.  No judgment here.  I am your biggest cheerleader- as long as you know you are in control of your experience.  No more victims. Victimhood will get you NOWHERE and it is a burden on your friends, family and coworkers. 


It took me a chronic illness and a hospital visit to get me to my ‘rock bottom’ of sorts, and some people have even more dramatic stories. Why wait for this type of situation. There is something out there that can help you to achieve abundant, natural health, great energy, a boost in your mood, all WITHOUT dangerous side effects.  Every man, woman and child deserves to be their best self, and you need to make sure your computer is running smoothly to achieve that.  This computer is your nerve system, and your computer tech is your Structural Chiropractor.  I am here to help!



Have a great weekend.


 I hope to see you in EXCEL 101 class if you are curious about learning more.  Thursdays at 6:15 pm.


Be EXCELlent!





The Six Simplest Steps to Regaining Your Energy and Happiness
May 03, 2016

How many business owners, busy moms and CEO’s are having a hard time just GETTING through their day?    Too many!  You see it on tv and hear it on the radio, read in the paper that our country is sick!  Also we are overweight and dependent on drugs to help us ‘achieve health.’  


Our country has a hustle mentality (which I respect!)  However, often we hustle and grind and provide for our companies or families without stopping even for a second to check on OURSELVES.


Soccer practice, PTO meetings and dance classes are absolutely a priority but they are far from the most important thing on your list.   It is your health that is most important.  If you are not productive, the entire household or business can suffer.



Here is what you can do about it: 


1.  Make yourself a priority.  We hear often about self-love and self- care.  It is REAL! Personally, I was not aware of its importance until a major road block in my professional career which led to serious health issues. As soon as I took extra time for rest, sleep, daily movement, chiropractic, acupuncture and self love, I noticed major changes in my personal life and professional life- almost as if the world unfolded in my favor when I  WAS actually a tad selfish.  *(Not a typo- very common amongst successful women all over the globe- try it and find out!)   Your business, kids, and spouse will thank you. 

It takes some getting used to, especially if you have been used to putting everyone else first for many years of your entire life-- you have been warned!


2.  Move your body EVERY single day. Whether a long walk, a jog, yoga, a video at home or pushing your kids in the stroller and playing at the park- we need to sweat daily. I am regimented in my schedule, a jog here, a video there and on weekends fun random eI am regimented in my schedule, a jog here, a video there and on weekends fun random exercise such as diving, fishing or a long walk with my dogs to mix it up.


3.  Think before you eatAlso eat dessert!   Ask yourself, is this food healing my body or just satisfying a craving?  You may find that with time and some changes to your kitchen cabinet’s contents that you will no longer crave the bad stuff as often.  I am a big supporter of treating yourself when you feel, as long as it’s not ALL Day ,EVERY day. Balance is key!


4. Read or listen to Personal Development books or Podcasts.  At the least on your workdays. Once a section of the bookstore I felt had a stigma- now myself and my circle feel that a life without personal development is not a life worth living! Two years ago I experienced a bout of depression and daily reading, listening was a MAJOR key in my healing process. There is no need to waste your precious time listening to music that is not growing you. A wealth of free podcasts are available for free to you on many apps and Itunes.  You can listen to during your commute, exercise, etc.  A few personal favorites are EO Fire, The Charged Life, and The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes.  


5.  Get in tune with your mind.  Look into meditation.   


6. Get your spine and nerve system checked by a Structural Chiropractor- regularly.  I do not mean go in there when you are in pain and cannot function. Pain relief is only a SMALL percentage of what chiropractic is meant to do for you and your kids!

Making it a part of your routine (1-4 times a month depending on your condition) will pay dividends for your family’s overall health and happiness.  Regular chiropractic checkups lead to a clear, healthy nerve system. Your nerve system controls all of your body’s systems so it makes sense that this habit leads to: Better immune health, better energy, better sleep, quicker recovery from injuries, better sports performance, increased happiness, the list goes on.  And yes, there is a TON of research out there proving it is safe, effective and affordable for the entire family!




Please share this with someone you care about!




Be EXCELlent.

Dr. Liz






exciting things at EXCEL
April 25, 2016

Hey!  It has been a long time.


  There have been a few changes at the office and they are quite exciting.  Beginning the week of May 1, I will be expanding my hours.


So- as of May 1, I will be in for a full day on Mondays.   Appointments will start at 8:45 am to 12:00 pm.   Then 2:00 pm -5:45pm.


Tuesday will remain a half day, 8:45 pm to 12:00 pm.

Thursday will be a full day, similar to Monday.  We will begin at 8:45 am and go till 11:15 am, then pick up again at 2:00-5:45pm.


and REALLY exciting for my busy folks-  NEW



This will be first come, first serve.  No appointments needed *(existing patients)  but I do encourage you to make one right here on the website.  *(hit the Blue button) 


Sign in sheet will be out in waiting area and whoever's name is first gets checked first. Easy as that.


I will be in on Saturday Mornings from 9-11 am.


Come get your family's spines  checked in a relaxing, fun  laid back weekend atmosphere. 

Sorry, Sundays I must be out on my boat getting "groceries" for the week.. You understand.






On Thursdays, each and every week unless otherwise noted we will hold our EXCEL 101 class which is an introductory class for ANYBODY in the community who is curious about chiropractic, health, living BETTER (excellently,even) or curious as to how Excel Chiropractic is different from other chiropractors in your area- AND how we may be able to help you.  This will be a 20 minute class.  I will hold it if there is one person in my waiting area, or 30.  Expect to get to know my unique personality and learn a LOT!




If you have not ever seen a chiropractor, or if you have but did not make it a part of your life -- consider coming to the class.  

You have nothing to lose and SO much to gain!


Have you READ our success stories AKA facebook reviews lately?  They are pouring in and people are getting better, and living with EXCELlence here on a daily basis.


Remember- You were created to thrive, to EXCEL in life. 


NOT to merely exist and float through life unnoticed and missing out on the fun.




Want to read about some other's experiences with EXCEL?   Check out our reviews on Facebook here:


we have a success story from people such as an- infant, toddler, school aged kids, talented local performers, stay at home moms, business owners, local celebrities, and anyone who wants to EXCEL in life.




 Much love and see you soon!


Dr. Liz




January 28, 2016

It's a new year.  Many of us have committed to a new exercise program, dietary fad, or new lifestyle that might better support our health or  possibly just our weight..(shocker!)      I am back!  Yes I am back and so is my sarcasm.  :)

In August of last year, Dan and I became COMMITTED to the notion that we are meant to live in the keys. By August 1st we had moved back.

After trying the mainland for just under a year we knew quickly that our hearts were in the keys and particularly for me, Key West.  I started my own practice  in Palm Beach County and learned a LOT. I met the right people at the right times and grew tremendously as a person and entrepreneur.


Three days before our move back, I slipped in oil during my lunch time jog.  I landed directly on my right hand and side. I stood up with blood pouring down both of my legs but that was not my concern. The palm of my hand blew up into the size of  a baseball within what felt like seconds.  This is what we had learned in school as a FOOSH injury- (fall on outstretched hand) and sadly is the cause of MANY hand (Navicular) fractures.


I feared the worst and sobbed slowly back to the office which was 2 miles away! After cancelling my afternoon  patients, My boyfriend Dan showed up to console me. (A chiropractor's worst FEAR is losing the ability to use their hands.)  Chiro = hand, practic=practice.  It means "done by hand." 


After two sets of xrays from seperate physicians we deemed it to be a severe sprain and not a break. Thank G-o-d! I had to stay off of it which has been hard as not being able to adjust a lot of people like I am used to doing and building my practice requires the use of my hands!


We moved back to the keys and settled in to our little spot in Cudjoe on the canal. I have never been this happy and comfortable, and seeing Dan love his home and his new job with All-Rite AC makes me so happy and confident that we made the right move.  The dogs love to sit on the canal and watch everything go by.  It is a good place for me to heal mentally and physically, as the stress was high upon my return. Let's just say it took a 'team" to get me back to where I currently am.


I am happy to announce that I am now taking new patients and anybody who would like to see me. My hand and soul are back to 100% and I am more than ready to take care of the community I love.


 While I was in Palm Beach County I dove right into more pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic studies.  There are no other chiropractors in KW or the lower Keys whose main focus is family and pediatric Chiropractic. I have become a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and developed relationships with local pediatricians, midwives and doulas so we as a team can take EXCELlent care of our pregnant moms and their entire families. 



I welcome you to peruse this website to get an idea of how I practice Chiropractic.  I think you'll enjoy that once you are established you will be in and out for your checkup in 10 minutes or less, and a family check up is about 25 minutes max.  My only focus is to re-establish healthy nervous system communication, through a specific Chiropractic adjustment and that does not take long AT ALL.



Please stay tuned for more announcements in our local papers and media.


I have missed each and every one of you and am so happy to be here.


Dr. Liz


Excel Chiropractic

3201 Flagler Avenue #509

Key West, FL 33040




October 14, 2015

It has been a long time since I have written you all a post! What topics would you like to hear about?  


Dr. Liz

I sleep on my back..
June 26, 2015

Hey guys!



  Do you know which of the sleeping positions is the most detrimental to our health?


I will tell you if you read this entire post...


How are you sleeping? Are you waking refreshed, or like a zombie who cannot function until your first cup of coffee? Are you hitting snooze, once, twice, three times?


I ask this because how we sleep is a sign of how well our hormone and nerve system are working.  If we have a hard time FALLING asleep then it is likely you are wound up and should try to turn off the laptop, kindle, tv or phone much earlier.  Reading before bed is great to relax, but try to avoid any blue screens, they DO mess with our "sleepy time" hormones.


Are you having trouble STAYING asleep?  This problem may be more hormone related, specifically your stress hormones. Believe me , I am a pro at this one- The stress of Chiropractic school and all of the testing and lost sleep, studying, and caffeine abuse really did a number on my adrenal glands, *(above the kidneys, small glands that help with stress response, etc)  and mine were SHOT. 

Look into natural remedies - if this sounds like you, They CAN be healed, but it takes time and to become less toxic.  Women who are having trouble with their periods, their skin on their face, or fertility may be experiencing problems with their hormonal system so a chiropractic check up to check the nerve system and to see if you are stressing your Adrenals is important- doing some research online should help you much.


Making sure your spine is in proper alignment and there is not pressure being exerted on your nerve system (since it controls EVERY other system including your Endocrine (hormone ) system- is a GREAT and smart idea.


If you cannot fall asleep or stay asleep, chances are you are stressed out.

What is your nightly routine looking like? Do you have one? 

When is the last time you did something  just for YOU? a Massage, getting your nails done, go for a walk, play an instrument, read, have a cup of tea, call a friend, just UNPLUG from technology and work. Perhaps step outside and look at the stars with your kids or your significant other.


I bet you'll be better in no time, but don't forget, your  nerve system is the most important system of ALL and if its not functioning properly, your other body systems suffer and sometimes we often do not know this until we get sick.  Seek out a structural Chiropractor who will take a LOOK at your spine's structure and put together a plan to correct any structural distortions between your brain and YOUR body. It will change your life!


OK the answer, and you may have guessed already or just knew-  WORST sleeping position is on the tummy. Why?  Unless you are laying flat on your face, (or do not have a nose..? that would look WEIRD!)  then you are laying all night with your head turned, NOT good, You are literally laying in a subluxation/Structural shift..

The problem that Structural Chiropractors correct, so GET OFF your stomach, or you will continue to create ill health and discomfort. 


A tip-  sleep on your back and keep a heavy pillow on your belly, it will make your mind think you're on your stomach. It will take some time, but it is helpful and can SAVE Your spine.  Second worst position is on the side, so place a pillow between your knees and also hug a pillow OR a person so that you do not sleep with your shoulders in Extrernal rotation all night, same for the hips. Essentially you want to mimic proper alignment and its hard to do unless you are hugging something with both knees and arms.


Sleeping on your back is best, with a pillow that supports the curve of your neck, but LESS is more, you do not want your head protruding forward as this is a position of stress on the nerves, muscles, and the entire neck, creating a decrease in the extremely important ARC of life of your neck.



Take care!


Dr Liz

Can you just CRACK my back?
May 26, 2015

Hi everybody!  It's been a few weeks and I apologize for the absence.


Many many people respond to my telling them that I am Structural Chiropractor by asking, "can you crack my back?"  OR, " I have had my back and neck cracked before.."  OR,  and one of my favorites, " I crack my own back."  P.S-  this type of statement should make a chiropractor cringe, so don't be alarmed if you see my face change when you tell me this.  Please read on to learn why. We can still be friends, I promise.


Let's leave the crack where it belongs, in the kitchen cracking our eggs, or in the rice krispies commercials.  What you crack, you cannot necessarily put together.  A spine gets adjusted by a chiropractor, and an adjustment means to "set something right."  We do not want to crack anybody's back,  or their children's- rather do a thorough Neurostructural examination to determine the presence of any  Structural Shifts that may be interfering with their health, Then and only then would a person NEED chiropractic adjustments.


NOISE/cracks/snaps.... pops?


Sometimes noise releases from the spine when an adjustment is performed. The noise that releases from a fixated joint upon adjustment is neither necessary or "better" than other adjustments.  Many techniques make no noise at all, and children rarely release pressure from the joints that make up the spine because well, there is much less pressure there, simply put.


When a person's spine (maybe yours) pops and cracks often, without your helping it to do that-it is a  sign that there is a bigger problem.  Why?  If some parts of your spine are moving and popping abnormally (NOT a precisely delivered specific structural chiropractic adjustment) it means that there are some parts of your spine that are NOT moving properly, and are Shifted out of place (subluxated) causing the very mobile joints to move and pop often making up for their stuck or subluxated neighbors elsewhere in the spine.  (pardon my elementary explanation of this, but I am hoping you can visualize this as I describe.)

Even more importantly and VITAL to your health, though --that same spinal level ALSO goes to a Cell, organ or tissue in your body (perhaps your LIVER, your Reproductive organs or your colon..)  I am MUCH  more worried about the subluxations of vertebra whose innervation is to your vital organs and your ability to function and LIVE life normally.

Therefore, cracking your own back, etc. is just a temporary relief of pressure, not a way of enhancing health or truly correcting a problem in the spine. I do not recommend it, continue reading to learn why. ( I am sorry but you want the truth, right!?)


It may feel good for a few minutes after you do this,  but it is not a correction any more than taking Aleve is only alleviating symptoms. It is not a fix nor it is good for you.  I say this because I feel strongly that a joint in the body that moves TOO Much (from your self-manipulation) is just as detrimental to stability and overall balance/health as a joint that does not move enough.  Leave it to the professional to determine where, when, why and how you should be taken care of!


Commonly reported improvements with Structural Chiropractic are:

  • less pain
  • less headaches/no headaches
  • clearer mind
  • better sleep
  • better immune system
  • better digestion
  • less illness
  • injury prevention
  • improved endurance and energy
  • reduced allergies
  • alleviation of menstrual cramps and heavy periods
  • reproductive improvements
  • increased fertility
  • reduction of colic and feeding issues in babies
  • better digestion and immunity in children
  • less allergies, asthma
  • less ear infections or resolution of chronic ear infections in kids
  • reduction or resolution of bedwetting
  • better attitude

**(these improvements are the result of correcting Structural Shifts in the spine. These shifts cause a distortion in the nerve system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) ability to communicate from brain to organ or organ to brain, resulting in reduced health and secondary conditions.  Doctors of Chiropractic are not treating any disease or condition, rather correcting the structure of the spine so that the nerve system can communicate as it is meant to , without interference. *



I look forward to sitting down with you and your family and learning about your health concerns or goals. I welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how Structural chiropractic may be the answer you have been seeking, and to get to know Excel Chiropractic. 

A Neurostructural Examination block will be held for you afterward if you choose to do so.


Until next time,


Dr. Liz

Excel Chiropractic


ADD, ADHD, and other neurological conditions
May 07, 2015

Hi everyone!  Sorry about the delay.  I have been working very hard for you and your families to live the best life possible!



Do you know of anyone with ADD? How about ADHD?   You either know someone, or maybe you've been diagnosed with it yourself.  You cannot turn on the TV without seeing various drugs that claim to manage/treat ADD, ADHD, you name it.   If these problems are affecting the nervous system should you take your child to the podiatrist to get help?


Yes, I wrote that question in all seriousness.    The ONLY doctor who checks the neurological system and its integrity without the use of drugs or surgery is a Doctor  of Chiropractic.  why would you take your child in to see a chiropractor?  Well, we are Docs of the Nervous system.  Our jobs are to locate any structural shifts within the spine (spinal subluxations) and correct them.  They just may be the reason your child is not well.




I look forward to sharing more information with you in the future.


Have an EXCELlent week!


Dr. Liz


link to a blog post from Pathways to Wellness  Magazine, a resource for parents on more natural living.  enjoy!

April 23, 2015

Splenda in my Coffee


Last week when I introduced myself at my weekly network meeting I asked everybody how many of them had put the no calorie sweetener in their coffee.  An alarming amount of people rose their hands.  Even more alarming is that they felt they had done the right thing.   Let' s just get back to basics here and say that using a chemical to REPLACE sugar is even worse than sugar. 


Aspartame IS a cause of a lot of health problems and I choose not to ingest it because I have seen just how Neurotoxic and nasty this stuff is.


sources:  myself, (video sweet deception, numerous articles, and numerous other articles out there, JUST LOOK! :)


On a happier note,  the one packet of sugar in your coffee is NOT going to be what sets off your new diet, I PROMISE !

if you must have the sugar, use it!  then learn how to ween off of it and just enjoy your coffee black, or maybe with some BUTTER.


Yes, Butter.  Real, Grassfed, no chemicals added PURE butter.  I began putting a tbsp. of butter in my coffee each morning and blending it up about a year ago.. Why? I read it somewhere.  This really athletic and health conscious guy recommended it. Maybe the 4 Hour Body author, but I am not 100% sure as I have read over 20 books in the last year, hope to be more. 


End result?



coffee that looks JUST like a frothy starbucks latte, because butter is pretty much cream anyway!  Add a drop of two of maple syrup or (non chemical) sweetener of choice and you get a yummy tasty coffee for a FRACTION of the cost!


Do you see a trend of NO chemicals here?   Yes, they are not meant to be eaten.


What does this funky coffee do for you?  It can actually replace your breakfast if you use enough butter, and it gives good steady energy for a while from the GOOD fat.  Not all fat is awful, its NECESSARY!   **(brain and spinal cord and nerve system is bathed in FAT and we need it to create hormones and chemical messengers to tell our bodies WHAT to do! Too little fat causes disease! )


We can talk about that another time.


I am looking forward to hearing if you tried this and enjoyed it.  Seems weird, I bet, but its been a hot topic lately, and I sure do like my Home-made coffee treats.  If only I can make it taste exactly like a Con Leche, then we'd be talking!



Be EXCELlent!


Dr. Liz

Excel Chiropractic

but I was told NOT to go to a chiropractor...
March 31, 2015


Hi guys-

Anyhow,  a lot of folks do not consider visiting a chiropractor for some unsavory ( and unTRUE ) reasons and I would like to give some clarification today.


My first question to you is... do YOU like when someone steals $$ from you?


NO, really, do you?


MOST of you probably said no.

I know I don't! 

I am going to refer back to a time when medicine AND chiropractic were young, and a lot of people were passing away due to the Flu Pandemic of 1918..   I am going to give you some information you may not have ever heard, and if you have, that is awesome!   In the end it might just make sense as to why your medical doctor, or your friends, or your cousin's sister's ex-husbands football buddies said "NO! Do not go to a chiropractor...

1.. "they will make you worse

2. they will make you come back

3. You will die

4. You will get ripped off

5. _____________ INSERT another ridiculous made up statement here.." really, any one will do. 

( you can tell by now that I have a sense of humor, correct? ) 


Here is where things got a bit unfair for chiropractic, atleast in my opinion and historical understanding.


During the Flu pandemic of 1918 people were dying by the MILLIONS due to the flu and its complications. this was a REAL pandemic.

Copy and paste the link below into your browser to watch a 5 minute video regarding the FLU pandemic and chiropractic. I must warn you the video is VERY exciting and may make you fall out of your chair, this doctor is highly sought and I am thankful for the contributions he has made in my profession. (was my presentation a little more spicy this morning guys? I am not sure. Dr. Murphy is amazing and explains the science behind the strengthening of the immune system VERY well.!


Where was I going with this.. OH yes!  Do we like when people steal our money? NOPE! 


As you can imagine the folks who received chiropractic as opposed to the people who were receiving medical treatment were dying at a lesser rate, or NOT at all and this infuriated the  medical profession.  Soon after a campaign to eliminate and destroy the chiropractic profession and for 30+ years the American Medical Association taught their young, bright eyed future MD's to NEVER refer a patient to a chiropractor and to tell the public and patients that chiropractors were dangerous and ineffective.  They actually tried to contain and eliminate the ENTIRE chiropractic profession.  Yes, it sounds CRAZY but it is 100% real, the forefathers of my profession FOUGHT hard for my profession, many were jailed for simply practicing chiropractic ( and yes getting people well!!! )  I am so very grateful they fought.



Quite the opposite!  I am fairly certain the parents of the screaming colicy baby who can now feed and sleep through the night are pretty HAPPY that they did not listen to their pediatrician when they were told NOT to come in for an exam.. Yes, this slander still happens.  Many medical professionals tell patients to avoid chiropractic because it is what they are taught, some are being ignorant, but many many docs these days are starting to really GET what it is we do, and they are helping our planet. Do you agree? I certainly would not tell someone NOT to see their MD, thats just ludicrous! In my opinion medicine is medicine and chiropractic is chiropractic and they are 100% different, in every possible way.  They are both necessary as well.




When it comes to doing your own research, PLEASE DO!! REMAIN cautious, however as much of the scientific literature you find is often biased or EVEN owned by the pharmaceutical industry, the CDC and or the  AMA and their professions only make money when people are... SICK.  is this starting to make sense?



In the  meantime, 

be well.


IN fact, be EXCELlent!


Dr.  Liz

Excel Chiropractic



1. Rhodes WR: “The Official History of Chiropractic in Texas.” Texas Chiropractic Association. Austin, TX. 1978.

2. Kent C: “Neuroimmunology — an update.” The Chiropractic Journal. August, 2001.


3. Kent C: “Neuroimmunology and chiropractic.” The Chiropractic Journal. October, 1995.


4. Kent C: “The mental impulse-biochemical and immunologic aspects.” The Chiropractic Journal. February, 1999.




HOW did I " put my neck out?"
March 26, 2015

Hey guys.


 A couple of people this week had asked on a couple occasions HOW they became subluxated.. out of alignment " (out of whack!)" 


Well there are so many ways...  The forefathers of chiropractic knew that STRESS of all kinds causes our bodies to not be able to ADAPT to life- and causes subluxation (structural shifts) in the spine, that affect our health.


1. Physical Stress - both acute (car accidents, falling down, slips, etc) AND Chronic stress- ( sleeping positions, work positions, our careers, our posture) (adjusting people is an awkward posture, so thank goodness I have my spine checked regularly. - for example)


2. Chemical Stress-   drinking four martinis in one sitting while inhaling a whole cheese pizza, kind of stress, but ALSO flouride in our water system, chemicals from daily products on our skin, make up, etc, Prescription drugs, vaccinations, Pollution, ALL add up and pollute our bodies to a point where we cannot adapt..


3.  Emotional Stress-   Paying your mortgage late while your kids are screaming and you realize you left the lights on at your office kind of stress, AKA daily life for some of us!   Can you imagine, it is said our grandparents didn't deal with as much STRESS in a YEAR as we do in a DAY! 


do you believe that?


Anyway,  I want to help educate you whether you're a patient or NOT, so listen up! Life is BETTER without SUBLUXATIONS/Structural Shifts than it is WITH them..

 Why?  We cannot adapt to life/stress/everything when we are not having proper nerve system communication- which can be CUT off by SS/ subluxations!  So- having a chiropractor check your spine (and your children's!) for these problems can lead to a more relaxed, more efficient, more healthy, more productive YOU and a better life.  Not to mention less (if any) hospital stays, less (if any) need for medications, and less dependence!


Trust me, I am not just the Doctor, I am a patient!  I will continue to have my spine checked once a week for as long as I can because my life is better with chiropractic!


Here to serve you and help YOU too, to be EXCELLENT


Dr. Liz

Excel Chiropractic

Jupiter, FL

falling asleep in a car
March 10, 2015

Hi guys.   I wanted to share with you how damaging it is to fall asleep in the car with out a proper pillow!  While traveling home from Daytona Beach (bike week) I took a nap in the truck. I did not have my head rest or pillow, and woke up with a very stiff neck.  Luckily I have been under chiropractic for many years and bounced back, BUT many many people (too many)  are not under chiropractic and this type of stress may be the VERY thing that sets off a cascade of painful symptoms that cause us to finally PAY attention.. am I losing you here?  the sneeze, step off the curb, or sleeping " wrong" is usually NOT the cause of the structural shift ( problem within the spine) that we look for, rather a cumulation of events, injuries, stresses all causing your body to be un-able to ADAPT correctly to the stresses, leading to symptoms.  

If the spine shifts out of proper alignment placing pressure on your ALL Important nerve system, secondary conditions such as pain, headache and weak immunity can occur! Absolutely, I mean we are talking about MIS communication between your computer and all of its peripherals (your organs and your BODY)


Having the spine checked, early in life is important.. It can be the difference between sickness and health.

insurance and investments
March 03, 2015

Many people go to Starbucks a few times a week and think nothing of spending 5$ or MORE dollars on a drink that is not going to change their life.  Heck, it is not even going to help them get nutrients or become healthier.

Many people shop in Downtown West Palm or Jupiter dropping 100$s of dollars on clothing they do not need.  


What every single person NEEDS to perform and function at 100% human capacity, IS a clear nerve system, whether we KNOW it or not.



I was walking around with nerve interference half of my life, causing me to stay sick, be unable to get well and unfortuntely leading to more health problems, I thank my lucky stars EVERY day that I found chiropractic to help me live with a clear nerve system and continually have it checked.


Is is an investment?  Yes, having chiropractic care as part of your life will cost money, and it's money  WELL spent.  I am talking the healther YOU get the more productive and happier you will be so you could be creating wealth as you create health, so to me, it's a NO brainer.  It may bother some that I do not and many other DC's do not accept insurance.  If something was 100% opposite of how you thought, lived your life, and did your job, you may choose to do that also, remember Insurance is based on Medicare and medicare States they do not cover services that are preventative in nature, so regular chiropractic care is OUT the WINDOW. 


when is the last time your insurance paid for your gym membership, your car's oil change, or your vitamins and supplements from Whole Foods even though you KNOW it is helping you become healthy?


Have an awesome week!

being grateful
February 17, 2015

It's tuesday in Jupiter, Florida.  Today is is 80 something degrees and yesterday was in the 60s.  What weather we are having!  Why am I talking about the weather?    Many people get sick or run down when the weather changes drastically.  They simply cannot keep up with it.  Let me assure you, the weather is not the cause of this.

  Do you ever notice that some people are just sick ALL the time and you are not? Or in school you had classmates who were constantly missing school but others were there and some even had perfect attendance ( a prize I was always jealous of!!)  Well, I remember being young and missing school  A LOT.  Yes, some days I was faking it, it is what kids do, right?  Many times though, I was in such severe allergy reactions or sinus infections, asthma that the thought of being in school was exhausting. 

I am not saying my quality of life was affected but I missed a LOT of school.  When I was older and got to college, my health problems came to a head and I was scared about my health and life.  I was in pain.  SEVERE pain, in my head and neck. All the time, the medical doctors gave me more anti biotics and told me I had sinus infections that were chronic and needed sinus surgery. 

Thank goodness right around that time I sat next to a stranger at our college career fair who happened to be a local chiropractor and well the rest, (and ALL of my health ailments) is history.  Toast.  Gone.  Healed.  Did he heal me? Absolutely not.  Do doctors heal?  Some may say yes, but the answer is actually NO.  You heal YOU. 

Your body's intelligence is ON 24/7 pumping blood, filtering, synthesizing hormones, and keeping you, YOU.  Life causes this ability to get less and less than 100% perfect, which leads to discomfort and disease, so it takes a good chiropractor to check your power supply for 100% function at regular intervals.  I thank god every day I found chiropractic.  I would not be the person I am today without it and I am so very grateful to have regained my health.  This is what I hope for you and your loved ones!  Until the entire country is under regular chiropractic, I have a LOT of work to do.


Until next time..



Have an amazing week!

Dr. Liz

a slip on the sidewalk
February 12, 2015

Have you ever met somebody who just seems MISERABLE?  They are not fun to be around, right?
They may even make it uncomfortable to be around them..   You may avoid them.  Often times these are the same people who are battling numerous health conditions and do not have a zest for life.  It is very sad to me , that so many people just Go through life, going through the daily motions, rather than experience it, as it is meant to be experienced- and feeling GOOD!  We all know that what we all desire in life is to FEEL good, and feel independent!

I have an honest question for you.. do you REALLY think that the human race was created to be sick, miserable, or depend on outside sources (chemicals, drugs) to live?   Does it make sense that we were born with spare parts that should be removed when we are sick?


Well,  I know I don't feel that way.  Have you ever met a dolphin in the ocean with Arthritis? ( I ask this because I am dreaming of when the water warms up so I can dive!! )   Are wild animals out in the forest being given medications because they are sick?  No, they are living their lives as their maker (whatever philosophy you may have here) created them.  100% function, all the time. 


Imagine, if our society understood the importance of taking care of one's self, and did not rely merely on their yearly physicals and advice from medical doctors, the tv or magazines and taking many drugs to cure problems..

Imagine if each and every one of us TOOK the time to be PROactive in our health, ie: regular exercise, healthy life giving foods, and good mental/spiritual health.   Add to that a healthy, clear nerve system with chiropractic care, and WOW we would be a better country!

I know this because I see it everyday!  The children who live a chiropractic lifestyle, WOW they shine brighter than their peers and I am able to pick them out of a crowd.. its about L-I-F-E and connecting you back to YOURS everytime you receive an adjustment. 

You know that sounds GOOD, right? 


When insurance doesn't cover a service, such as chiropractic many people automatically disregard it.  This needs to change. I have many reasons why I do not take insurance in my office, the most important being that all insurance is based on MEDICARE guidelines and Medicare has a statement saying something along the lines of they do NOT cover services that are preventative in nature.  Regular chiropractic IS preventative, so I cannot agree with this. 


I know for a FACT that my car insurance doesn't cover my oil changes but I am sure as heck still doing those!   For optimal function of my vehicle, of course!


I want you to read and explore this very important quote from one of the developers of CHIROPRACTIC, BJ Palmer.  Man, was this doc ahead of his time!



"A slip on the snowy sidewalk in winter is a small thing.  It happens to millions.

A fall from a ladder in the summer is a small thing.  It also happens to millions.

The slip or fall produces a subluxation.  The subluxation is a small thing.

The subluxation produces pressure on a nerve.  That pressure is a small thing.

That decreased flowing produces a dis-eased body and brain.  That is a big thing to that man(woman/child).

Multiply that sick man(woman/child)  by a thousand, and you control the physical and mental welfare of a city.

Multiply that man (woman/child)  by one hundred thirty million, and you forecast and can prophesy the physcial and mental status of a nation.

So the slip or fall, the subluxation, pressure, flow of mental images and dis-ease are big enough to control the thoughts and actions of a nation.

Now comes a man (woman). And one man (woman) is a small thing.

This man (woman) gives an adjustment.  The adjustment is a small thing.

The adjustment replaces the subluxation.  That is a small thing.

The adjusted subluxation releases pressure upon nerves.  That is a small thing.

The released pressure restores health to a man (woman/child).  This is a big thing to that man (woman or child).

Multiply that well man (woman/child) by a thousand, and you step up the physical and mental welfare of a city.

Multiply that well man (woman or child) by a million, and you increase the efficiency of a state.

Multiply that well man (woman/child) by a hundred thirty million, and you have produced a healthy, wealthy, and better race for posterity.

So, the adjustment of the subluxation to release pressure upon nerves, to restore mental impulse flow, to restore health, is big enough to rebuild the thoughts and actions of the world.

The idea that knows the cause, that can correct the cause of dis-ease, is one of the biggest ideas known.  Without it, nations fall; with it, nations rise.

This idea is the biggest I know of."

                                                                                      B. J. Palmer, 1944



Be well.


Take control of your health.


I am  here for you.


flu "season"
February 05, 2015

people are dropping.. left and right, the flu is here, oh boy! Everybody run out and get your tissues, meds, and shots, because without them we are weak and powerless.


NOT TRUE.  At all.   Be encouraged :) 


Remember,  which comes first..  Do the rats at the dump bring the smelly gross garbage?  OR... Does the stinky dump bring the rats?

What do you think?


 BJ Palmer (the developer of chiropractic) was known for quoting, " If the germ theory were true, nobody would be around today to talk about it."


I find this hilariously TRUE And easy to understand!  Do you? if not, do not feel bad.  You are just not trusting your body enough.. It will come. 


See, even back in the 1800's we chiropractors cared a lot about your OVERALL health,  remember, we WANT you to be coming in WITH your families on a regular basis SMILING and happy that you are preventing problems and avoiding sickess with a clear spine and nerve system... 

Sick people don't jazz us, we are not profiting on sick people like the medical industry.  The good chiropractors with the RIGHT intentions want to help you GET well, and then help you STAY well and yes you should receive regular check-ups for as LONG as you want to be healthy.   Make sense? 

I lost 10 pounds in 2013 but as soon as that happened I immediately stopped exercising and eating right, because I had achieved my goal.. ummm, nope!  Actually I kept the habits I used to achieve weight loss, they are now a part of my life-style..


  You see, we hope that you will understand your body IS strong and IS able to fight off illness and bad stuff (think;germs)  on its own without the need for chemicals every five minutes.. In time, and the stronger you get- that fact will become apparent to you and you will enjoy the benefits of regular care as well as gloriously healthy children.



Until then,


take care of yourself, and remember every system of our body, including our REALLY important immune system is under direct control of our nerve system.   Keeping it clear of interference is THE way to stay on top of your game.  



Have a great week!




Thank You for considering Us for your most important care-
December 27, 2014

Hi everybody.    Many people google chiropractic or visit chiropractors as last resorts to their problems.  This makes me very sad, but as a profession it is our own fault.   I do my absolute best to teach the public about what chiropractic is really about.  It is about health. It is about regaining lost health, or taking your health and performance to the next level as you can see with the thousands of professional athletes who utilize chiropractic care.

In any given day, I may check a one month old infant, a 90  year old man, or a professional business woman for the Primary condition that I look for and correct.  These people may be in the office as new patients or regular patients who are maintaining the health and positive changes they have achieved with Structural chiropractic care. 

Once a person has had correction and the changes are at the point where we know they cannot go any further, or reached maximum potential for that person's age and or condition, it is HIGHLY recommended that each person and family make regular chiropractic check-ups a part of their life. We make this VERY easy for you and very affordable for you and the whole family.  The money you save on medical bills and prescriptions alone will make it worth the effort!


I invite you to please come by for a tour, a consultation (complimentary) or to have your examination.  My examination is thorough and includes many tests that only structural chiropractors use so we can determine if you are a candidate and needing structural chiropractic care.


I look forward to helping you and your families achieve the most awesome health, and most awesome life, and to not only live your lives but to EXCEL in it.


Dr. Liz



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